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Is the Data-Source House the House of the Future?

Is the Data-Source House the House of the Future?

How will we live in the future? What innovations await us, and which ones may already exist but aren’t widely used yet?

We like to imagine a fully autonomous “data-source house” that supplies processed data to the homeowner.

But how realistic is this development? How long will it take before everyone owns an autonomous home?

The fact is that the construction and real estate industry is changing rapidly. Of course, this primarily applies to the tech gadgets that include intelligent heating and cooling systems, networked kitchen appliances and robots. Some of these innovations are already available today, while others seem to have sprung from a sci-fi movie – and yet they may be closer to us than we think.

But not only home appliances will change. The financing of our own homes is also changing. New concepts, such as crowdinvesting, are enabling more flexible investments and helping more people realize the dream of owning their own home.

Major changes are currently taking place in the energy supply sector. Pioneers, such as Elon Musk with SolarCity, are supplying electricity in an environmentally friendly, innovative way, harnessing the energy of the sun to power the many electronic devices that will be in the home – and garage – of the future.

What’s clear is that technology will fundamentally change our lives and reinvent itself time and time again. The building of the future will be a high-tech masterpiece, and we’re curious to find out how it will look exactly.

Photo ©: Shutterstock.com